Homeless Packs

How I make homeless packs

In lieu of giving money, I prefer giving useful items to the homeless I encounter. 

I get the clothing, drawstring bags and water bottles from the thrift store. Of all discount stores, I've found that Dollar Tree has the best quality toiletries and food items, and Aldi has some good deals on non-perishable food, so I shop there. 

Most people have some of these items lying around their house and will be happy to donate them to you, so ask around! Social media is a great way to let your friends know that you are doing; many will want to help you, or feel compelled to make their own!

I make packs 10 at a time, and leave 3 in the backseat of my car. Since the packs are unisex, I do not put feminine products in them. However, I fill sandwich bags with feminine products and also leave them in my car. They can then be easily be added into the pack.

Want to help me? 

I spend $15 to $20 making a single pack. If you feel inclined to help me with my packs, please contact me. I accept any of the items listed to the right (especially socks - they don't have to be new, just clean!) as well as gift cards to Dollar Tree and Aldi. 

A basic list of items I put in the packs

I get each item for $1 or less, and some items come in multi-packs



Small lotion 



Baby wipes



Non-perishable food

Resealable peanut butter jar

Fruit cup/applesauce 


Soft fruit and granola bar


Bottled water

Juice box

Can of vienna sausages

Can of ready made tuna lunch

Can of ready made chicken lunch

Miscellaneous Items

Backpack or drawstring bag

Pair of socks (this is #1 requested item from homeless)

Beanie (in winter)

Scarf (in winter)

Gloves (in winter)

Resealable water bottle

Plastic Cutlery

Small notepad and pen

Condoms (optional)

Earplugs (optional)

Supplemental Female Bag

Maxi pads


Panty liners

Hair tie/clips/bobby pins (optional)